Drop Into Fall with These Spooky Halloween Candles


It’s officially the last day of Summer: the kids are back in school, the days are cooling down, and the time of pumpkin-spiced everything is upon us. Just where did the time go??

While it’s saddening that summer has passed us by so quickly, we’re entering into a time of the unexplained,the supernatural, the downright frightening- or on the flip side- the positively delightful. That’s right- Halloween! Although it’s not October just yet, it’s always best to start your shopping early, so I decided to begin the pre-Halloween season with this post.

From jack-o’-lanterns to lighting seances, candles have always been an essential part in building the perfect, haunting ambiance. After looking through these candles, I hope you’re able to find the ideal match to light your days up to Halloween!






Mad Brooklyn creates original, hand-poured and sculpted skull designs unlike any others. While you can find many skull candles online and in places like Target during Halloween season, you won’t find such unique candles as the Pile of Skulls candle and the Siamese Skull.  With skulls being an absolute staple in Halloween decoration, these two candles are an automatic jackpot. What’s better than one skull? Multiple skulls in one piece!





Witch City Wicks is a small company based in Salem, Massachusetts that also uses soy-based wax. What better place to get your Halloween fix than the home of the Salem Witch Trials?

Of course, that’s not all that makes these candles great. In addition to their Halloween collection, which is comprised of these six scents, Witch City Wicks maintains at least four other collections going all year long. From the niche to the normal, Witch City provides a range of creative packaging and scents to please even the pickiest of souls.



logo (1).png


Have a fear of dolls? Then You, Me and Bones is right up your alley! Err… or maybe not. By far the creepiest on this list, this company is best known for creating candles in the shape of doll heads and doll parts. Yes, you read that right- doll  heads. If you’re looking to increase your creep factor this year, check these out. There’s no better feeling than knowing your house is one of the scariest ones on the block and these little dollies are sure to get the job done.





Elixir of Light is a small candle business inspired by apothecary items and the macabre. Truly a go-to site for Halloween shopping, Elixir has everything from classic pillar candles to animal skulls, from different human skull molds to human bones, and from brains to human hands. Much like You, Me and Bones, getting one of these candles is a great way to add to the scare factor in your home. Below is an image of the hand candle. If you ask me, it’s like having your own personal Thing from the Addams Family!





Reminiscent of Witch City Wicks, Burke and Hare Co  draws inspiration from natural magic, the history of the occult, and dark aesthetics. Their candles don beautiful, yet chilling labels, and are available all year long. Want to conjure up tales of Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, or even the gruesome stories of Vlad the Impaler? Burke has got you covered with spooky themed candles and collections.





Another store in Salem, Kan.del is focused on creating candles filled with history, recreating vintage designs for those with a love for the traditional. More cute and nostalgic than the others on this list, this little shop has items that will appeal to all ages, especially the little ones. Be transported back to the times of your childhood while still partaking in the joys of this year’s Halloween.


6 Bath and Beauty Companies With a Goth Twist


After making my original post with gothy/witchy bath and beauty companies, I couldn’t help but look for more. While I absolutely love all of the previous companies I posted about, there is no better feeling than having more options. Seeing so many spooky bath and body shops puts a smile on my face- it’s like Halloween all year around!

As you go through this list, be aware that not all of the shops are vegan! Some of them are, but most simply carry vegan items. I will specify which shops are vegan, and which only carry vegan items.

I hope you enjoy these shops as much as I do!




Hex Bomb is a small bath bomb company made up of only six different bath bombs, but that hasn’t stopped how popular they are. They can be found through the Bella Muerte Clothing site as they are somewhat a sub-company within Bella Muerte.


Completely vegan, these bath bombs aim to deliver the darkest, bloodiest, gothiest bath colors you have ever seen. With names such as “Bathory Bloodbath,”Hell Hath No Fury,” and “Black As Your Soul,” these bombs truly are for those of us with an affinity to the darker side of the spectrum.

These are only some of the colors that they have, but Hell Hath No Fury is by far, the darkest red I have seen as a bath bomb. For those that want to bathe in the blood of thine enemies, or simply have a love for the sanguine, look no further- your bloody bath bomb awaits you!

Price: These go for 3 sterling pounds each, which is about $1.50. Talk about affordable!



The Mad Bombers is absolutely one of my favorites on this list for its uniqueness, insane creativity, and the extensive list of products to choose from that continuously grows. This incredibly talented creator makes Halloween-inspired soaps, bath bombs, face and lip scrubs, and even horror bathroom decor.

Can you believe that this is a soap???

While most of her products are not vegan (yet!), there are still a few items to choose from. I sent her a message and she has confirmed that the soap base she uses is vegan. She is unsure whether the soap colorants are vegan as well, but going forward, she has said she will be purchasing specifically vegan soap colorants.

Bath bombs for us graveyard ghouls.

Even if there aren’t many vegan options right now, I love following her instagram page to see the wonderful creations she makes. This shop is as spooky, horror and Halloween-inspired as it gets! All of The MAD Bombers’ pieces are simply to die for.


More soaps!

Price: Soaps range from $4.50-$12, Bath bombs from $3-$13.99, and Face/Lip scrubs from $5.50-$10.



True to its name, Magick and Macabre  is not only a shop for bats and ghouls, but also for those who are into the more magickal and witchy side of the spectrum. Along with bath bombs and soaps, this shop also sells crystals, some magickal supplies, jewelry, melts, candles, candle holders, and a monthly subscription called “Witch Bitch.”


Gorgeous wine and roses scented bath bomb.

This shop is mostly vegan when it comes to their bath products. The items that are not vegan will be specified in the description. Fortunately, there are plenty of creepy and cute items for us vegans to choose from!

Adorably spooky bath bombs.

Magick and Macabre is probably the most eclectic shop in this list since it contains more than just bath products. With such a wide variety to choose from, as well as that wicked cool subscription box, this shop is definitely worth checking out.


Fantastically eerie body soap.

Price: Bath bombs range from $3.50-$9.50, Soaps go for $5, Monthly Subscription for $30, and everything else ranges from $1.10-$200.



If you’re looking for a true horror-inspired bath shop, look no further because Ghoulish Delights Bath is it. Made by an Esthetician, these products not only scream horror to the core, but they’re also made with skincare knowledge in mind. Completely natural and vegan, these bath and body products are exactly what you, and your skin, have been waiting for.

Each face mask is made for different skin needs.

What makes Ghoulish Delights products stand out from the rest is that each one is created with the inspiration of some of our favorite horror titles. With names such as the ones above, each taken from horror movie/tv characters or monsters, you can’t help but instantly fall in love. And have you seen that logo? Absolutely killer! 

In addition to face masks, they also sell body scrubs, bath bombs, and body butters. The only downside is that there are only thirteen items in total to choose from, but luckily for us,  she will be expanding her collection soon.


Pinhead’s puzzle box bath bombs. This is the epitome of horror fandom!

Price: Face Masks go for $8, Body Butters for $12, Bath Bombs range from $6-$7, and Body Scrubs range from $12-$13.50.



Not as into the spooky, but more into the hardcore side of things? Bath Sabbath has got you covered! Inspired by all things brutal and metal, this shop is one that everyone can enjoy. Even greater still is that this shop is mostly vegan, with the exception of their beard wax. That’s right- beard wax. As well as beard oil and epic soaps geared towards the bearded vikings in the metal/goth scene.

EDIT: They have vegan beard wax as well!


For the bearded folk, how could you possibly resist names likes this??


Some beard oils along with their wax counterparts.

While mostly focused on the beard products, Bath Sabbath still makes sure to please those without facial hair. Incorporating horror and/or metal elements into every product, this shop’s soaps don’t disappoint with the craftsmanship and detail of mythological creatures, brutal historical figures, viking weapons, and more. The owner has even created a coffee soap named “Duncan Hills” in honor of the greatest band in the world, Dethklok (Don’t get that reference? Check out Metalocalypse!).

Mjolnir and Vlad Dracula soaps.

Medusa and Krampus soaps. Just look at that stunning detail!

Price: Soaps range from $8.77-$21.94, Ointments and Oils from $17.55-$48.26 (the most expensive ones are sets), Bath Salts from $14.62-$29.25, and Perfume from $14.62-$43.87. These items are definitely on the pricier side compared to the other shops, but the quality of the work is certainly worth it.



Have you ever dreamed of being transported back to the Victorian or Edwardian eras to experience the wonders and horrors of Frankenstein, the seances held by Houdini, the dark world of Poe, or even the ghastly and frightening universe of Vanessa Ives? From the fact to the fiction of the Victorian, this decadent shop invites you to experience vintage fantasies. Unlike the actual Victorian era, Sugar and Spite is home to almost all vegan products, save for the occasional one with beeswax or dairy milk. Make sure to check the item descriptions to be absolutely sure.


All Sugar and Spite soaps are vegan!

I can’t get over how absolutely beautiful all of Sugar and Spite’s products are. There is an elegance to them in terms of presentation. It truly does feel as I have been transported to a Victorian fantasy of monsters and spirits that can only be combated with these stunning products. That, and Vanessa Ives’ wardrobe. Am I right, or am I right?

 Soy wax melts and body cream.

What I was pleasantly surprised by is the amount of products that there are. From perfume to melting wax, to body cream to shower gel, each section in the shop draws from 47 different scents to choose from, all which can be found here. 47 scents is pretty impressive, isn’t it??

Price: Soaps go for $5, Perfume ranges from $9-$12.50, Body Lotion for $12, Wax Melt shots for $2, and Shower Gels for $8.50.

I hope this list contains at least one shop you absolutely love. I know I will definitely be making plenty of orders to try out several of these products. May your bath and beauty experience be graced with spookiness and beyond.

Happy shopping!!

4 Must-Know Companies for Goth Bath and Beauty




With the popularity of bath bombs on the rise, as well as other bath products, I decided to do some digging and look for products that were not only veganbut goth-oriented as well.  These particular products tend to lean more towards the witchy side of things, but it doesn’t make them any less desirable for those of us with an inclination towards the dark, macabre, and things that go bump in the night. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.



logo (1)

What I love about Witch Baby Soap is the attention to detail in all of the products to make sure they are not only unique, but that they are also accurate in their depiction of otherworldly beings, tarot cards, and other magickal items.

Their items are also free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, propylene glycol, urea, and formaldehyde with nearly 100% biodegradable packaging.

Products: Items sold are body soaps, body scrubs, bath bombs (such as the adorable coffin bomb above), body butters, and stones/gems.

Price: Their prices are affordable, with most of their items falling in the $4-$8 range. The most expensive product is a dish soap that goes for $25.



logo (2)

On their site, Nasty Bath doesn’t specifically say that they’re vegan, so to save you the trouble, I asked them myself – the answer is mostly yes (some products contain honey or milk). Although not all of their products are vegan, Nasty Bath has made it their mission to make their products friendly for those with sensitive skin and allergies to bath products. Their products contain no paraben, no lye, and no synthetics such as sls/sles/slsA.

Products: Items sold are bath bombs, mud masks, lip balms, moisturizers, lip scrubs, body soaps, and body whips (just make sure to check the ingredients to distinguish the vegan items from the non-vegan ones. I know for a fact the coffin bombs are vegan).

Price: Items go from $3-$12. Most bath bombs are $4, but specialty ones such as their coffin bomb (Laid to Rest) are $5.



Although Witch Baby soap is, well, witchy, Moon Craft Emporium takes it to a completely different level. What makes Moon Craft stand out is their dedication to not only creating bath and body products, but to the magickal infusion of them. These products, unlike the others, are truly made for the purpose of magickal use, or just for those who simply enjoy bath and apothecary items. What also sets Moon Craft apart from the others is that they not only have bath bombs, but bath teas, and even herbal teas for consumption.

Products: Items sold are bath salts, body soaps, bath bombs, bath teas, herbal teas, lip balms, herbal tinctures, roll-on perfume, and ritual candles.

Price: A little more expensive than the other shops, prices on items range from $3-$16. Soap bars and bath bombs typically go for about $7 or $8, while other items such as herbal teas and tinctures fall in the $14-$16 range.



What’s a spa day, or a relaxing bath, without some nice candles? To top it off, I’m adding this wickedly awesome candle company because of their decadently macabre skull designs. Mad Brooklyn candles are made from soy wax, are handcrafted, have lead-free cotton wicks, and contain at least 10% of therapeutic grade essential oils. Pure vegan goth goodness.

Products: Pile of skulls candle, Siamese skull candle, single skull candle, and skull mason jar candle.

Price: I’m not gonna lie to you- these candles are on the pricey side. However, I also feel that they are completely worth the price for their uniqueness, craftsmanship, and use of quality ingredients. The prices are as follows: Single skull is $39, Mason jar is $49, Pile of skulls also goes for $49, and the Siamese is the most expensive candle at $55.



6 Affordable Vegan Matte Lipstick Brands


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been all about matte lipsticks ever since Lime Crime came out with their Velvetines. Unfortunately, as I wrote in another post of mine, Lime Crime has done some very shady business that I would rather not deal with, so I’ve been looking high and low for good quality, vegan matte lipsticks that are not only just as good as Lime Crime, but possibly better, and more affordable.

Here’s what I found in my search. I hope you like them as much as I do!



Black Moon doesn’t officially launch until September 27th, but I’m already incredibly excited. In addition to having stunning colors, they are also paraben free and gluten free. To see their beautiful packaging, and to see people wearing their colors, check out their instagram!


The price for these isn’t up yet, but I can’t imagine them being any more than $17 or $18.



This brand is absolutely adorable. Their mascot is a little monster girl donning a wicked cute style. Makeup Monsters is not only great in their Monster High-esque aestheitc, but in their color selection as well. They have greens, blues, pinks, purples- pretty much anything a “makeup monster” could ever want!


To make things even better, these awesome matte colors are only $15.95! Is that a deal, or what?



Coloured Raine may not have blues or greens, but what it does have are striking reds, purples, browns, and a gorgeous black called 2AM.


Image from TheAmazingWorldofJ.com

These gorgeous colors go for $16.50.



I love their logo, but I feel it to be a tad misleading. When thinking of a dose of colors, it makes me think of all colors under the sun- or at least, a lot of them. For their mattes, Dose of Colors mainly has reds, pinks, and purples. Pretty standard colors. If you’re more into traditional lipstick colors, Dose of Colors is definitely up your alley.


These mattes go for $18.



Image from Polyvore.com

I was trying really hard to avoid really big name brands, but I couldn’t help myself with this one. If you don’t know about Jeffree Star Cosmetics, then start getting to know him for this freaking fabulous vegan makeup line. His color choices are gorgeous, ranging from light blues to dark, vampy purples, to black (because everyone needs black!). While there aren’t as many choices as Makeup Monsters, this one is definitely worth checking out. Seriously though, that light blue color is divine.


Image from @LipstickJunkieForever on Instagram

These fabulous lippies go for $18.



Three words: Oh.My.Goth.

I freaking love this brand. An indie cosmetics line with matte lipsticks, this brand stems all the way from Puerto Rico! Perfect for my fellow vegan goths, Necromancy Cosmetica is host to gorgeous, witchy colors- with four new ones coming out soon!


Each one of these beauties is $16.

I hope you enjoyed this list! I’m always on the lookout for more vegan matte lipsticks to share, so if you know of any, do let me know!

Beware of Cheap “Vegan” Makeup



This isn’t my normal kind of a post, but I felt obligated to make it because I don’t want anyone else to fall victim to this scam:

There’s a website called ShopGlare.com that’s been selling a cheap vegan contour kit for $14.99 with free shipping! To top it off, I got a discount through a friend that made it even cheaper. It was freaking awesome, so I ordered it right away. After waiting about 3 weeks, I finally received my order, only to find that not only was it really small, but it’s not even vegan!!


This product contains beeswax, which is not vegan by any means. The website doesn’t have a list of ingredients for this product, but I didn’t think anything of it. I trusted them simply for saying that it was vegan, cruelty free, and free of harsh chemicals. Now I don’t believe any of it.

Let this be a lesson to all of us, and if you see this floating around, don’t buy it!

5 Awesome Vegan Clothing Brands You Probably Haven’t Heard Of


Breaking out of routine, I figured I would do something different and present you all with some vegan fashion rather than vegan makeup! As I was looking around on Instagram, I stumbled upon five really cool brands run by vegans that I don’t think get the attention they deserve. I hope you enjoy these creative, quirky, and downright sick designs as much as I did!


Okay, how cool of a name is that? Their motto is “Blood tight, we fight,” and you better believe that they do. Blood Tight Apparel is all about in-your-face designs with abrasive messages to get people thinking. What better way to spread the message of Veganism than by blatantly presenting the issue on a T-shirt?

IMG_20140507_133209 IMG_20150725_211502

Images belong to BloodTightApparel.com


Tantamount Apparel is not only home to beautiful vegan designs, but their dedication to equality is truly admirable. With each purchase someone makes, Tantamount personally delivers one pound of organic fruits and veggies to the homeless in Vancouver. Compassion for all beings is what being vegan is all about!

IMGP9910_1024x1024 TANT

Images belong to TantamountApparel.com


The name “triple threads” comes from the brand’s dedication to spread messages about health, animal welfare, and ultimately, helping the planet. The designs are printed with eco-friendly, water-based ink. My favorite is the “friends not food” print!

Womens_Tank_Black Live-Let-Live_white_fin

Images belong to TripleThreads.com


Chiaralascura is from Italy, but I just had to include them because their designs are super cute, and some of them are even gothy, like their “seitanist” top! This brand not only carries clothing but also bags, mugs, posters, and even books!

seitanist-tank vegan-pizza-gang-bamboo-scooped-neck

Images from ChiaraLascura.com


As a vegan, that name is just the cutest thing ever. How fitting is that? Pun intended. I absolutely love the variety that Quinoa Apparel has. Just like actual quinoa, there are so many different types of designs and colors to choose from. They even have a shirt that references Scott Pilgrim! If you’re vegan and geeky, you absolutely have to check them out!

M3036 U5010-1

Images from Quinoa-Apparel.com

You can find these brands on Instagram if you’re interested in keeping up with their awesome journeys. Don’t be shy in giving these brands some love- they definitely deserve it for spreading messages of equality, compassion, and overall well-being!

Cover FX Foundation and Foundation Brush Review



I first heard about Cover FX from another vegan blog that was reviewing different vegan foundations. I generally wouldn’t have bought it since it’s pretty expensive ($45 on their website), but I was running out of my foundation at the time and was in desperate need of not only a new foundation, but a better one as well.

After exploring their website, I found their CC Cream Liquid Foundation, which is supposed to color-correct, “treat and protect skin with buildable coverage and broad spectrum SPF 30.” As someone who prefers to have an all-in-one foundation, as well as someone who gets blemishes, this sounded like the perfect combination for me. To top it off, I also decided to get their Liquid Foundation Brush because you know, “treat yo’ self.” Or at least, that’s how I justified my additional $38 purchase.


I got three free concealer samples with my order in a light, medium, and dark color.



PROS: Although it’s pricey, I really enjoyed this foundation. The tube is small, but I’ve found that you only need to use a little of it in order to get a good coverage. If you have blemishes like I do, you can always use a little extra, but all in all, not much is needed. When I have it on, it doesn’t entirely feel cakey like many foundations tend to feel. It also doesn’t make me look unnatural. It lasts for most of the day, even through some sweating. So far, so good, right?

CONS: From what I’ve noticed, this foundation tends to dry quickly since it mattifies the skin. You’re probably asking why that’s even a con. Isn’t matte skin a good thing? Yes, but, since it dries so quickly, as soon as it hits the skin, you need to buff it and smooth it out relatively fast. Otherwise, it won’t blend right and will dry right where you dabbed it. My other issue with this is that I haven’t really seen any kind of color correction in my skin after using it. For the price that it is, I was really hoping for that aspect to work.


Here’s my face with the foundation, as well as some other makeup. There is no filter on this image.



PROS: I actually really love this brush. The brush itself was actually smaller than I thought it would be, but it makes it better for application. You can either use this in a stippling manner in order to work on spots where you need extra coverage, and/or you can buffer with it in order to create even coverage. Together with the foundation, it creates a wonderful finish, and I’m really glad that I purchased them together.

CONS: The foundation tends to stick mainly to the top of the brush, rather than distribute through the brush better. Remember how I said that the foundation tends to dry quickly? Well, it also dries quickly on the brush, which is probably exactly why it doesn’t distribute well. This, in turn, causes it to be difficult to clean the brush- it takes a while to get all of the foundation out of it. I’m not sure if it would be easier to clean by using a different foundation, or if this is an issue with the brush itself. It’s not a terrible con, but can be a little annoying.

All in all, I’m pretty sold on the brush, although not completely convinced about the foundation. Not for that price, anyway. When I’m close to finishing this one, I’ll try something else out, but for now, I’m enjoying it for what it is.